Rendeiro The name appears in history through a young couple, Gertrudes e Moisés Apolinário, who a few decades ago harbored a passion for the art of wine. They started their activity in this area as tenants of some land, which years later and the fruit of arduous work still managed to buy, thus giving birth to the Quinta do Rendeiro.

The art of the vine and the wine was passed from generation to generation, still continuing in the family, with the evolution of the market the company created the heirs Caves Rendeiro.

Since the date of its creation, the Caves Rendeiro has sought to assert itself in the market for fine wines, the grapes of commitment to innovation and the fast service distribution. Has been a rapidly growing, both in terms of productivity, both in terms of turnover and market share, having as main objective to sell its annual production, and a commitment to continually promote the quality management system in all its processes.  

The vineyards form large continuous patches, following the topography and developing itself by rolling hills and valleys, producing white wines of remarkable quality, aromatic, full and persistent flavor and color of red wines alive marked as young, and balanced when aged.